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Tonight (Monday, April 30) at sundown starts the twelve-night observance of Wonnezeit. On this night, specifically (Wonnenacht or Walpurgisnacht), we are to open our windows and doors (within reason and with safety in mind, of course) and to keep them open through sundown on May 1 (again, within reason) to welcome the return of the Wild Hunt with Holle at the helm.

The Parade of Spirits is said to pass through homes, and Holle inspects them for orderliness (hence my rush to get…


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Today I was driving up to the Urglaawe cemetery on back roads. It was a nice day to drive after several days of heavy rain. I noticed that the Hollenbach (the Deitsch name for Jordan Creek in Lehigh County, PA) was flowing particularly strongly (and it normally is pretty fast to begin with), so I pulled onto a side road, got out of my truck, and walked onto a bridge that looks over the creek.…

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Press Release: Urglaawe at the Parliament of the World's Religions


BRISTOL, PA: In an historic moment for Heathens across the globe, the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, UT, will include two presentations by Heathen leaders. The Parliament runs from October 15 through October 19, 2015.

Robert L. Schreiwer is the President of Distelfink Sippschaft, which is an Urglaawe religious organization based in Bucks County, PA. Schreiwer is also Assistant…

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Urglaawe Resources

The best list of Urglaawe resources (books, videos, related links, etc.) is on Distelfink Sippschaft's site:


The "Hollerbeer Haven" journals, which started in the Braucherei guild and later became the journal of Urglaawe, Braucherei, Hexerei, and Deitsch Wisdom, are all available as free .PDF downloads there on the site.

We have very active Facebook…


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An Urglaawe Thanksgiving Musing

I saw the post below (at the bottom of this commentary) on the Facebook status update of a friend.

There are many truths inside this status. There are quite a few folks, many of whom I know personally, who are one missing paycheck away from losing their homes or cars, etc. These kinds of difficulties have many origins, including the current economy. Many aspects of these problems are beyond our immediate or even long-term control, and there are many people who need a hand up (not so…


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Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts

Expanded info on Oklahoma tornado relief efforts. Thanks to Destiny Ballard of Bifrost Way for this information.


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Twelve Nights of the Wonnetdanz

Every now and again, I come across short references that help to fill in some gaps in the understanding of our traditional practices.

One such gap is the time between Walpurgisnacht and the arrival of the Reifries (Frost Giants) thirteen days later. I think we finally have an answer.

On our current calendar, Walpurgisnacht falls on the night of April 30. However, since Urglaawe days begin at sundown, that night is actually 1. Wonnet (May 1) on the Urglaawe calendar.…


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Die Butzemannbrenning

"The Burning of the Butzemann." 


The Butzemann is constructed at Grundsaudaag (Groundhog Day) out of selected and preserved remnants of last year's harvest and the lingering spirits of those remnants are then activated (along with the  physical material and the clothing to house them) through a ritual that Urglaawe inherited from Braucherei. He is given a name, which includes the patronymic and surname of his lineage, which is tracked from generation to generation. He then…


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September 28 is the celebration of the Festival of Zisa, patroness of Zizarim (now Augsburg). Also, in the 1st century BCE, the Romans, under Titus Annius inauspiciously picked this date for an attempt to seize Zizarim. They discovered during the siege that there were far more people, including warriors, in the city (due to the festival) than they had anticipated, and the Romans suffered a major defeat.

Her presence is still…


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Overnight tonight is the observance of the arrival and retreat of the Reifries (Frost Giant) Dreizehdax (Thirteen-Badger), who attempts to undermine the restored order of the land that was established by Holle's return on Walpurgisnacht.

Dreizehdax is thwarted by Dunner and is forced to retreat.

Hail Dunner! :)

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The Glory of Walpurgisnacht and the Moifescht

This weekend witnessed a flurry of Walpurgisnacht activity across the region. On Sunday, Distelfink joined with the Norsewind tribe for a beautiful ceremony at the Sacred Oak in Oley, PA. Along with a tip of the hat to the site's Lenape predecessors, we honored our deities and ancestors. This was truly a blessed event. We celebrate the bonds of friendship and frith that are expanding throughout the Heathen community.…


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Zwelfdi Nacht/Twelfth Night un Neiyaahrsdaag/New Year's Day

Tonight (December 31 into January 1) is the Twelfth Night of Yule (remember that Heathen (and therefore Urglaawe) days begin at sunset on the prior day. Thus, "Sunday" actually begins at sundown on Saturday.

This is also the night of the progression of Berchta, a powerful goddess known to the Continental and Pennsylvania Germans. She may actually be Holle known by a different name, or She may be a Vanic relative of Holle. However, historical treatment of Her has portrayed Her…


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Lebanon Valley College Samhain Banquet for Allelieweziel

On October 30, several of us were able to participate in (or to attend) a Samhain Banquet at Lebanon Valley College. We (Deb, Pete, Dennis, and I) were representing the Heathens within the context of Urglaawe. This event included adherents to a variety of traditions in addition to Heathen: Wiccan, ADF Druid, Druid, Earth Spiritualist, Pagan, etc. We had been working on devising a "mock" ritual that allowed Heathen, ADF Druid, Druid, and Wiccan beliefs and practices to be…


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Memorial for our Bruder

It is with a heavy heart that I provide notice to the community of the passing of my kinsman, Daniel Riegel, whose life was claimed by an accident on Monday, October 10.

Many of you know Dan through Distelfink Sippschaft, and others of you will remember him as the violinist in the band Norsewind. Dan was a student of mine at Kutztown University, where he excelled in his…

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Der Ewich Yeeger

My first encounter with Der Ewich Yeeger (The Eternal Hunter) that I can remember was when I was about four or five years old. I was at some event being held by my mother's extended family. It was a pleasant afternoon. Suddenly, a brief burst of noise erupted all around us. It did not last long, but it was a surprising din of barking sounds. One of my older relatives said to me, "Don't…

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Die Oschdre

This weekend Distelfink members welcomed the arrival of spring with a ceremony dedicated to the goddess Oschdra.

Although little is known about Oschdra, Jakob Grimm states in Teutonic Mythology that Her name lives on in places in the German lands (IV, 1371) and that She is considered to be a White Lady (III, 908) along with Holle, Berchta, and others. She heralds the arrival of spring, and the hare, which is sacred to Her, has become one of the longstanding traditional symbols of…


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Der Grundsaudaag

Well folks, it’s that time of year again! Time for Punxsutawney Phil to stick his nose out (and hopefully not to get blasted by kinsman Rocky to become part of a Grundsaudaag Schmaus!). Unfortunately, the events in Punxsy are barely even a shadow of the various traditions on this observance, which is one of the largest Urglaawe holidays. Grundsaudaag is far beyond what most folks know… Continue

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Es Allelieweziel

I have seen a lot of discussion about Halloween on various lists, and I wanted to share the importance of October 31, which we call Allelieweziel, within the old Deitsch (Pennsylvania German) culture and in Urglaawe.…


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Tomorrow, October 6, is the 327th anniversary of the arrival of the first settlers from German lands to Pennsylvania. As they were the first refugee immigrants from a non-colonizing land, it is amazing that their culture and language were able to survive for over three centuries.

Let us hail the fortitude and strength of these earliest settlers!

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Distelfink Sippschaft: Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 26, 2:00 PM
Zisasege: Fleetwood, PA

Sunday, October 3, 3:00 PM
Rune Study: Fleetwood, PA

Sunday, October 17, 4:00 PM
Game Day: Fleetwood, PA

Sunday, October 31, 2:00 PM
Allelieweziel: Fleetwood, PA

Sunday, November 7, 3:00 PM
Rune Study: Fleetwood, PA

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