Deitsch -- Pennsylvania German -- Heathenry

Tonight (Monday, April 30) at sundown starts the twelve-night observance of Wonnezeit. On this night, specifically (Wonnenacht or Walpurgisnacht), we are to open our windows and doors (within reason and with safety in mind, of course) and to keep them open through sundown on May 1 (again, within reason) to welcome the return of the Wild Hunt with Holle at the helm.

The Parade of Spirits is said to pass through homes, and Holle inspects them for orderliness (hence my rush to get some Lenzbutzerei (spring cleaning) finalized). Thus, we Urglaawer hang signs on all our windows and doors that say, "Wilkum, Holle."

The Bright Half of the year is just about here.

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